T&B Fabrication, LLC has partnered with Dominion Clean Energy Systems LLC to

deliver a world class resource recovery system comprised of proven technologies that result in zero waste going to the landfill. The system is modular and scalable to easily accommodate communities of all sizes, enabling the dream of a true circular local economy to be a practical reality. All household waste that is generated in a community can now be processed in the same community to harvest all the valuable recyclables and produce renewable electricity (and even heating or cooling) for use in the same community. Even inert materials that previously would have been landfilled can now be used as elements for making building materials or paving streets. Truly nothing is wasted allowing each community to be proud to say that they are part of the solution and have done their part to protect the earth from harm caused by the improper disposal of their solid waste.

Producing energy from waste (EfW) has been a desired outcome for many stakeholders for a long time, but it has always been an expensive, inefficient and mostly unsightly and unhealthy process that no one wants in their neighborhood (as characterized by the acronym NIMBY, "Not In My Backyard")). Our solution is the answer to the challenge of building a waste to energy facility that is cost effective, efficient, and one that even the most environmentally conscious stakeholder will appreciate having in the area where they live.

As a total solutions provider, we won’t just sell you technologies / equipment, we will also help you develop your project so you can achieve financial closure and successfully implement a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution to the solid waste problem of your community or your clients.










James Winstead
Dominion Clean Energy Systems LLC (USA)

Email: james@cleane.co
Phone: +1 425.336.3726 [US]