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In 2016, after Tempico ceased all business operations, T&B Fabrication (TBF) transformed from a part-time operation to a complete manufacturing company. TBF acquired the Rotoclave® trademark and already had the mechanical and electrical knowledge in order to continue building the systems. 

The Main group involved in the Engineering and Design of the Rotoclave® have over 100 years of combined experience with the Rotoclave® and are names that current customers should be very familiar with:


Ben Holder has been involved in the mechanical and electrical fabrication of the Rotoclave® systems since 1993. For the past 22 years, he has been instrumental in the electrical controls and programming of the Rotoclave®, while also providing the parts, technical support, pricing, and service for most of the systems. 

Tim Rogers, after completing his obligation to the US Army, began building the Rotoclave® systems in 1992. Since 2000, he has been directly responsible for the fabrication, installation, and service of most Rotoclave® systems. 

William Sanchez is continuing to work on new Project Development and Management. He will be providing new customers with all necessary support during the system selection and quotation phase, as well as project management and coordination during the systems fabrication, shipping and commissioning phases.


Brian Mosbey (CFO) has taken over the Accounting and Customer Service for TBF.

Dr. William Ross Duncan will continue performing all Electrical Engineering and Programming for the Rotoclave® system.


We have aligned ourselves with numerous partner companies that can assist with overflow, price reduction, and lead times. Rest assured that our customers will receive first-class and long-lasting equipment with extremely knowledgeable technical support.

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