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Rotoclave systems
Rotoclave design
Rotoclave® Systems

We can provide numerous sizes, configurations, and programming to suit customer requirements. Can be designed for MSW, RMW, R&D, etc.. 

Platform and Skids 010.JPG
Structural Fabrication
Controls Systems

From Stainless to Steel, we can provide numerous different structural steel applications fabricated as to your design.

Rotoclave® Services

TBF can provide Basic Maintenance for the Rotoclave®, Conveyors, and Autoloaders. We can also provide Operation Training, Maintenance Training, Parts, and Technical Support

Piping Fabrication

Whether your requirements are for high pressure, low pressure, stainless or steel, steam, water, etc. we can provide complete piping systems for your facility.

From Motor Starters and PLCs to Pneumatic Controls and VFDs, we can provide Control Panels to fit your requirements.

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