The Rotoclave ® system is a unique system that uses an ASME steam pressure vessel with a unique rotating internal drum to not just decontaminate or disinifect, but sterilize waste materials. The Rotoclave ® is designed to accept various medical waste materials in open or unopened containers and subjects them to agitation, heat, and moisture.

Standard autoclaves cannot guarantee that the steam will interact with the entire waste stream. Thus, even after stationary autoclaving, it is likely that some waste has not been sterilized. The Rotoclave's combination of high temperature, pressure and moisture, in conjunction with the unique method of agitation ensures all materials will contact the necessary sterilizing steam.

How does a Rotoclave® work?

Automated Loading
Touch screen controls make the Rotoclave® process easy. Load the waste and let the Rotoclave® do the rest!
Multiple Rotoclaves®
Systems can be joined together for more throughput
Red Bag Waste
Red Bag Waste gets punctured and agitated during steam cycle
Post processing
High pressure and high heat render the waste sterilized
After grinding
Waste is sterilized, dried and ground into unrecognizeable material
Conveyors carry the waste out
Conveyors carry the sterilized waste to containers ready for the landfill. Waste can be reduced by up to 90% of it's original volume.
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We offer a full-range of Rotoclaves® in sizes from
27 cubic feet up to 3200 cubic feet to meet your needs.

Whether you’re a research facility, medical waste producer or waste treatment  facility, the Rotoclave®  produces a sterile, physically harmless end-product that is dried, shredded and readily accepted at landfills worldwide.

Waste systems compared to Rotoclave® 
  • Exceeds standard autoclave and ozone capabilities

  • Simple and inexpensive to operate (3.3 ¢ / lb)

  • Accepts a wide range of Infectious Medical Waste (including sharps, bulk liquids, pathological waste, laboratory animal carcasses and bedding, plastics, metals, linens, glass, etc.)

  • Sterilizes ALL waste (not just decontaminate or disinfect)

  • Eliminates purchase of expensive consumables

  • No special autoclave bags

  • No chemicals

  • Requires low maintenance and has a long life expectancy (20 + years)

  • Significantly reduces the volume of waste

  • Produces a sterile, physically harmless end-product that is dried, shredded, and readily accepted at landfills

Standard equipment on all Rotoclave® Systems: 

  • Carbon Steel Pressure vessel

  • Simple "touch screen" operator control panel 

  • Electrical distribution panel including programmable logic controller (PLC)  

  • Steam jet ejector vacuum system with condensers and condensate holding tank  

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