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The Rotoclave ® system is a unique system that uses an ASME (also available in CE and MOL) steam pressure vessel with a unique rotating internal drum to not just decontaminate or disinfect, but to sterilize waste materials. The Rotoclave ® is designed to accept various waste materials in open or unopened containers and subjects them to agitation, heat, and moisture.

Standard autoclaves cannot guarantee that the steam will interact with the entire waste stream. Even after stationary autoclaving, it is more than likely that some waste has not been sterilized. The Rotoclave's combination of high temperature, pressure, and moisture, in conjunction with the unique method of agitation, ensures all materials will contact the necessary sterilizing steam.

rotoclave sizes

We offer a full range of Rotoclaves® to meet your needs.
Whether you’re a research facility, medical waste producer, or waste treatment facility, the Rotoclave®  produces a sterile, physically harmless end-product that can go straight to the landfill or be used for recycling.

TBF System Capacity & Specs Chart (Master Rev 2021-09-22).JPG
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